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The Trak Pack collection is a range of innovative products designed to enhance outdoor filming experiences. The collection features the Trak Pack, which is a versatile day backpack that can be used to carry your equipment and spare gear quietly, as well as other essentials for outdoor adventures. The Trak Pack is designed with a unique system that allows users to easily slide in and remove the Warrior Self Filming Frame and Pro Carbon Fiber Self Filming Frame.

The Warrior Self Filming Frame is a sturdy and removable camera mount that can be used to capture high-quality footage while on the move. The frame is designed to hold GoPros, and other action cameras, and can be easily slid into the Trak Pack.

The Pro Self Filming Frame is another camera mount option that is designed for more professional-grade filming and comfort. It features a , providing smooth and stable footage while on the go. Like the Warrior Self Filming Frame, it can also be attached to the Trak Pack or used as a stand-alone device.

Overall, the Trak Pack collection is an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts who want to capture high-quality footage while on the move. The collection's versatile and adjustable design allows for a wide range of filming and photography possibilities, making it a must-have for anyone looking to capture their outdoor adventures.

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